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A chef for nearly two decades,

Maro Kobayashi is passionate about cooking delicious modern Japanese cuisine

that embraces Australia’s incredible produce

with a touch of inspiration from Italian food classics. 

My Story

Chef Kobayashi began his career in his hometown of Hiroshima, Japan following in his late grandmother’s footsteps who operated a family-run okonomiyaki restaurant.

In 2005 he moved to the United States, first working in Los Angeles at the renowned Omakase-style establishment Asanebo where he mastered the art of creating sushi. In 2009, he made the move to New York City where he was offered a position as senior Sous chef at 1 Michelin-star restaurant Kanoyama. He then joined Chef Micheal White’s Marea, where as the Head of the Crudo programme revamped the restaurant’s extensive line of seafood dishes maintaining two Michelin-stars during his tenure. 


Most recently here in Melbourne, he served as senior Sous chef at two hat restaurant Ishizuka from 2021-2022.


Combining his experience in both kitchens, he developed his vision of Omakase Kobayashi where he will pursue the depth of taste in his traditional form of Japanese cuisine while drawing inspiration from the cooking philosophy of Italian cuisine. 


He truly feels lucky to be finally bringing his vision to life here in his adopted home of Melbourne, and looks forward to warmly welcoming all of his guests for an unforgettable Omakase experience.

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